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ERIC Education Resources Information Center

EducationJust Now WebERIC is an online library of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.

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ERIC Journals List Ed

Education9 hours ago WebApplied Measurement in Education. Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics. Arab World English Journal. Art Education. Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association. …

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ERIC Search Results Ed

Education2 hours ago WebThe concept of distance education has become even more substantial in the days when humanity is having difficult times with pandemic. Besides, there is an idea that …

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ERIC Search Results Ed

EducationJust Now WebLearn how to integrate and evaluate primary and secondary sources by using the SOURCES framework. SOURCES is an acronym for an approach that educators can …

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ERIC Search Results Ed

Education8 hours ago WebPK-12 District Leadership for Equity: An Exploration of Director Role Configurations and Vulnerabilities. Purpose: This study sought to understand PK-12 district-level equity …

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ERIC News And Notes Ed

Education5 hours ago WebThe ERIC Selection Policy provides the blueprint for how content is selected for inclusion in ERIC. It informs potential content contributors about the ERIC selection standard and …

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History And Evolution Of Public Education In The US

Education7 hours ago Webeducation today, see CEP’s 2020 publication, For the Common Good: Recommitting to Public Education in a Time of Crisis, available at Before Public …

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ERIC ED625165 Four Responses To CAPR's "Five Principles For

Education2 hours ago WebIn October 2022, the Center for the Analysis of Postsecondary Readiness (CAPR) released a systematic review of evaluation literature on developmental education reforms to identify interventions found to have positive effects on student outcomes entitled, "Five Principles for Developmental Education: A Review of the Evidence" (see ED624623). To supplement …

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Diversified Education Through Leadership, …

10% Off7 hours ago Webparticipating students were English learners, and 10% received special education services. AISD as a whole had lower percentages of students who were economically …

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Bridging The Gap Between The Abundance Of American Higher Education …

Education2 hours ago WebThe gap between the abundance of American higher education talent and the immense foreign demand for it is the great chasm in global education. It is a gulf of lost opportunities. It is also a space of great economic potential. This book describes the great chasm, examines factors underlying it, and suggests ways to bridge the gap to realize …

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Equity, Equality, Diversity, And Inclusion As Key …

Education7 hours ago Webeducation institution, but also of the government to create policies that support equity, equality, diversity, and inclusion in higher education. This includes providing funding for …

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ERIC EJ1364125 The Influence Of Social Education Level On

Education3 hours ago WebA multitude of studies have suggested potential factors that influence internet security awareness (ISA). Some, for example, used GDP and nationality to explain different ISA levels in other countries but yielded inconsistent results. This study proposed an extended knowledge-attitude-behaviour (KAB) model, which postulates an influence of the …

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Standards: A 21st Century Skills Implementation Guide Ed

Education7 hours ago Web21st century skills into education.The organization brings together the business community, education leaders and policymakers to define a powerful vision for 21st century …

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ERIC EJ800001 Education For Its Own Sakeand No …

Education3 hours ago WebEducation is an end rather than a means and asking "What is education for?" leads everyone to think that education is a means to some other end. A sour note in the Big …

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Education For Sustainability: Quality Education Is A Necessity …

Education8 hours ago WebEducation is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world and for self-enlightenment. This is so because quality education equips one with capability to …

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ERIC EJ1364434 Capturing Variations In How Spelling Is Taught …

Education1 hours ago WebMastering spelling is important for children to progress in writing. The National Curriculum in England details spelling lists linked to each year group in primary education. …

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Adult Education Facing The Future

Education8 hours ago WebEducation’s release of a public facing report on adult education’s COVID-19 response distilled from these narratives. Moving Forward: Changed Work and . Changed …

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ERIC EJ1358014 Compiling LifeOriented Moral Education …

Education3 hours ago WebPurpose: This study explores a novel approach to compiling life-oriented moral textbooks for elementary schools in China, specifically focusing on "Morality and Law." …

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Challenges Facing Schools In Rural America Ed

Education8 hours ago WebJanuary 2021 National Association of State Boards of Education 9 . rural students, for example, have limited access . to advanced coursework. The average rural …

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ERIC EJ724880 Educare And Educere: Is A Balance Possible In …

Education2 hours ago WebCraft (1984) noted that there are two different Latin roots of the English word "education." They are "educare," which means to train or to mold, and "educere," meaning to lead …

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Effective Practices For Educational Program Development

Education7 hours ago Web§66050 and §66010 .4(a), the legislature delegates to public institutions of higher education the responsibility to provide educational programs that are appropriate and valuable to …

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PostPrimary School Students' Attitudes Toward Physical Education …

Education3 hours ago WebThis study examined the attitudes and physical activity preferences of Filipino post-primary students towards their K-12 physical education curriculum. It also explored whether …

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ERIC EJ1363314 A Systematic Analysis On Graduate Theses …

Education3 hours ago WebThis study is designed to reveal the research trends of graduate theses published in the field of computer programming in K-12 between 2018 and 2022. Document analysis was used for data collection in this study. The data was divided into 9 categories, and the results demonstrated that the scholars in the Departments of Computer Educational and …

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Remedial Education ERIC

Education7 hours ago Webto graduate.1 Simply put, remedial education—or developmental education as it is also known—is a systemic black hole from which students are unlikely to emerge. After …

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Education7 hours ago Webeducation and employment, is not in line with Afghan values is false, cruel, and harmful in many ways. Education and opportunities for women and girls grew throughout the 20th …

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Exhaustive Studies Before Covid19 Pandemic Attack Of …

Education8 hours ago Webscience education and to use the certain treatments to measure or improve student’s conceptions. As a result, only 50 studies were used to compile the data. In results, the topic which was not from scie. nce education (see, for example, Sel & Sözer, 2019) and researches that merely identified students'

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Educational Ecosystems: A Trend In Urban Educational …

Education8 hours ago Webradical act of urban education reform both in scale and scope. Due in part to these changes as well as the general arc that urban education reform has taken in Philadelphia, the …

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Online Preschool Inclusive Education In Turkey During The …

Education8 hours ago Webeducation without further developmental losses. In other words, preschool teachers state that the characteristics of DE are against individuals with special needs and the nature of special education. Children with special needs should receive systematic and intensive training from specialists trained in the field of special education with

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Plato’s Philosophy Of Education And The Common Core Debate

Education7 hours ago Webeducation – culture and civic education– was an art to be learned by each individual. 5 This is particularly strong in Plato’s philosophy of education. He was the …

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